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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

A letter

Christopher got a letter sent home with him from school today.   When he handed it to me, I expected it to be a letter from one of his teachers citing some sort of trouble.  We've had a lot of those the last couple years.  Although, come to think of it, the trouble ones usually come as an email or a phone call.  Anyway, I didn't think it would be good.

But then I opened it, and it was a request to get Christopher tested for High Ability classes.

He and I couldn't believe it, we were both so excited.  It wasn't shock, it was Joy. I told him, "I told you so!"  I've been telling him for years how smart I know he is.  I just didn't think it was the kind that could be measured at school.  I didn't think they saw it too.  But they do! Christopher's classmate told him what the letter was, but Chris didn't believe him.  I wouldn't have either.  But we were thrilled with this surprise.  I was happy when Sam got into High Ability classes last year, though it's been hard on him, it's been fun to be challenged.  But this would be different for Christopher.  Going into Middle School, High Ability would translate into more like Accelerated classes, or X-classes as we used to call them.  Instead of learning in a mass group like Sam does, Chris would be taking English or Math in an X-class.  Still, Very Cool.

I am trying not to get him (or me) too excited about this.  But it's really hard.  Like I said, we've known he's smart as a whip for years.  But he doesn't always demonstrate it in front of others.  Having a special brain doesn't always lend itself to being interpreted as smart as the other kids.  But that's not it, he is smart, very smart, but how he learns or how he identifies is different from me.

I'm So Proud of Christopher, all the time. He's such an amazing kid.  I'm just so thrilled that the teachers at his school see it too.  I look forward to seeing how this all pans out.   Even if he doesn't make it into the High Ability classes, that they want to test him, means to me that they see what a special, amazing kid he is.  Someone described it to me as 2E, twice exceptional.   They have no idea.  Christopher is a million times exceptional.


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