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Christopher age 11

Christopher age 11

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Christopher Matthew Willman is old.
Christopher was born at 11:12 am on Wednesday, December 21, 2005
at Hendricks County Regional Hospital in Danville, Indiana;
weighing 7 pounds, 7 ounces; and measuring 19 inches.

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Friday, February 17, 2017

The headset

I am So Excited! Yesterday, my son came home from school telling me all about the new headset he got at school. See, he has moderate hearing loss in one ear, Sensory Seeking, ADHD and is on the Spectrum. Unfortunately, a hearing aid does not work for him for him, as he it would only amplify the white noise there. So his school has been using headphones, to block out ambient noise while amplifying the teacher, and putting the teacher on a microphone since he started kindergarten. But he kept chewing the cords up. Last year, he had a male teacher who's voice boomed enough he didn't really need to buy a new set after he ate the cord. But this fall, in 5th grade, he was having more trouble focusing since last year, and his teacher is female. After talking to him over Break, he wished there was a bluetooth headset so that he could still amplify, but cordless. I happen to mention this to the special needs teacher, as more of an idea or dream. I didn't think something like this actually existed. But not only does it exist, but they managed to get it for him! My son was so excited, he actually can't wait to try it out again today! I'm so Thankful for Brown Elementary! 

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Darth Sweetboy

Chris let me trim his hair.  He was so patient as I just trimmed his bangs and ears.  I thought he'd really fight me.  But he was just happy that his bangs were no longer in his eyes.    Then he did funny imitations of Darth Vader in his Darth towel.

I love him.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

A letter

Christopher got a letter sent home with him from school today.   When he handed it to me, I expected it to be a letter from one of his teachers citing some sort of trouble.  We've had a lot of those the last couple years.  Although, come to think of it, the trouble ones usually come as an email or a phone call.  Anyway, I didn't think it would be good.

But then I opened it, and it was a request to get Christopher tested for High Ability classes.

He and I couldn't believe it, we were both so excited.  It wasn't shock, it was Joy. I told him, "I told you so!"  I've been telling him for years how smart I know he is.  I just didn't think it was the kind that could be measured at school.  I didn't think they saw it too.  But they do! Christopher's classmate told him what the letter was, but Chris didn't believe him.  I wouldn't have either.  But we were thrilled with this surprise.  I was happy when Sam got into High Ability classes last year, though it's been hard on him, it's been fun to be challenged.  But this would be different for Christopher.  Going into Middle School, High Ability would translate into more like Accelerated classes, or X-classes as we used to call them.  Instead of learning in a mass group like Sam does, Chris would be taking English or Math in an X-class.  Still, Very Cool.

I am trying not to get him (or me) too excited about this.  But it's really hard.  Like I said, we've known he's smart as a whip for years.  But he doesn't always demonstrate it in front of others.  Having a special brain doesn't always lend itself to being interpreted as smart as the other kids.  But that's not it, he is smart, very smart, but how he learns or how he identifies is different from me.

I'm So Proud of Christopher, all the time. He's such an amazing kid.  I'm just so thrilled that the teachers at his school see it too.  I look forward to seeing how this all pans out.   Even if he doesn't make it into the High Ability classes, that they want to test him, means to me that they see what a special, amazing kid he is.  Someone described it to me as 2E, twice exceptional.   They have no idea.  Christopher is a million times exceptional.

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Moving Up

This weekend, Chris moved up another notch on his Karate journey.  Since he already has his Black Belt, while the younger students move up an entire color belt, he moves up his 

As a Black Belt, during Promotions he sits on the Review Board.   He's still usually the smallest kid out there.  There were a lot of kids there yesterday.  


And he did a great job performing his Kata.  Often Katas remind me of a dance routine.  This one, for the Black Belts, really reminds me of a Dance. 

This time, after the younger belts got their new belts, they passed out the new bars to the Black Belts.  
Chris is on the left peeking at the Senseis passing them out.  

Sensei Amy passes out the Orange Bars to Christopher and his friend Trent who went through Black Belt Testing together. 

The Black Belt Promotors. 
Chris snuck a picture of his bar into the picture.  
He's a sneaky minx. 

One Tough Crew!

Tuesday, January 10, 2017


This is Christopher's Newest Cousin Bryce.  
He was born November 21st, 6 1/2 weeks premature. 
He just came home from the NICU last week.  

We know what it's like to have a NICU baby.  
We also know what it's like to have a sweetboy with Reflux.  
Chris had issues too, and now Bryce came home with a Feeding Tube, just like his big cousin.
He's having some swallowing issues, but just like Chris, it should be temporary. 

He's growing like a weed, big and beautiful. 

These Cheeks!
I just wanna smooch them all the time!
But there is more in common there than you think. 
I think they actually look a lot alike too.  

Bryce may have his Mama's Forehead, but from the nose down, he's a Willman. 
He and Chris look a lot alike to me.  Chris looks a lot like his Daddy, and Bryce looks a lot like his Daddy.  And Karl and Eric look a lot alike.  Once we were in Hawaii, Eric was talking to Karl in front of his friends, and one of Karl's friends turns to him, and says, Dude, in 10 years you'd look just like that guy.  Karl was like, Duh, he's my brother.  It's kind of spooky how much they look alike now too.

When I saw Bryce in that bassinet for the first time since he'd been born, he looked just like how I remember my eldest laying in his bassinet.  Chris didn't really like it much.  Duh, he had reflux too, but we didn't know that yet. 

This was Chris on the day he was born, he was 7 pounds, 7 oz, just like Bryce is this week.   
It's kind of spooky how much their profiles look alike.  

I had a cousin that I was 10 years older than too, and Eric is 11 years older than his brother Karl.  
These two are going to have an extra special relationship, I can just tell.  

As God said, in Jeremiah 29:11, "For I know the plans I have for you", sayeth the Lord, "Plans not to harm you, but to prosper you."   <3

Saturday, December 24, 2016

That One Thing

Every time we have a long break, I always ask the kids,"What is One Thing that you would like to do on ___ Break (in this case, over Winter Break)?"  I like for them to pick one reasonable goal.  Chris usually picks a movie, or video game. Over Thanksgiving he just wanted to sleep in, Check!

This time, he told me, I want to have a Slumber Party with Clark.  Clark is his best friend, they are in the same class, both do Karate (though Chris has a year on him, so he's not a Black Belt yet), and they are in Scouts together.  Plus, as it just so happens, we Moms discovered they are both on the Spectrum with ADHD.  Funny, how God brings people together.  

Anyway, when they came over for Chris's birthday, I pinned them down as to when we could do this Slumber Party.  Chris had asked over Fall Break too, but it hadn't worked out.  The only night they could do it, was Friday Night.  As it just so happened, we were having Family Christmas with my Mom and the girls that day, so I thought they'd be gone.  They weren't.  Still, Clark came over anyway.  He's such a Good Kid.  He brought a book to read, no wait, 3 books, so he could read while we did presents among the cousins.   Then they all played Light Saber Thunderdome in the Basement. Sam's request was to watch tv and have a living room campout in front of the tv.  
As it just so happened, we were able to knock both of those out at once.  
We had the Slumber Party in the Living Room after all the girls went home. 
And we watched a Family Episode of Clone Wars.  Clark knew every episode, we opted to watch one with the character Saw Guerrra, a character who shows up in Rogue One, which we saw the other day, but Clark was going to see today.

  All the Boyz happily watching Clone Wars, by Christmas Tree Light.  

 The kids all slept really well, they were all content until 7, which for my kids on a weekend is pretty good.  They all got up, and played sweetly for a while.   Turns out Clark didn't like bagels for breakfast, and Chris likes very little else, but that was the only hiccup we had.

Meanwhile, after everyone got fed and packed up, there was an Epic Disney Infinity battle. 
Boys today.

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Happy 11th Birthday Christopher!

My Baby is 11! 
How does this keep happening?  I go to sleep and I wake up, and I have a boy, a young man where once my baby slept.   This morning was no different, if anything he actually looked like he grew overnight too.   Christopher was up early because of the excitement.  He couldn't sleep.  

By the time, he opened his Pig Present, he'd been up for a couple hours, and was fully dressed.  
To the rest of us it was 7:30.

The Birthday Pig brought Christopher a Kylo Ren Lego Star Wars buildable figure. 
He was Thrilled!  He didn't stop wiggling for me to even snap a picture.   
He was puzzled.  We had said he wouldn't receive any toys... for Christmas. 
I guess the Pig didn't get the memo.  

Ever wonder how to wrap a Bo Staff?
Put a Bo on it!  Ha Ha Ha! 
Chris got a t-shirt and bo staff for the dojo amongst his goodies.  

Sam picked out a Pokemon DS game for Christopher. 
Chris was thrilled, so ecstatic that he hugged Sam so hard he almost hurt him.  
Sam couldn't wait for both of them to grab their DSs so they could play their games side by side.

Jacob gave Christopher a Stability Ball. 
In school last month, their class wrote pursuasive letters, and they chose the subject.  They chose to persuade their teacher to let their class use stability balls (aka exercise ball) in order to give them core strength and help them be better at focusing.  I think it may help immensely.  I think Jake may just want to play with the ball.

This seems to be the year of the shoes. 
He asked for, and received blue high top Converse 
'Chuck' shoes.   We actually saw Chuck Taylor's pair of Chuck Taylors at the Indiana State Museum  just yesterday while we were visiting the 200 items for 200 years exhibit.  Chris loved this pair.  It's called Oxygen Blue, and it's so pretty! 

This is the way to go see a movie. 
Check out those new shoes! ;) 
Christopher wanted to go see the new Star Wars movie - Rogue One.  He asked to go on his Birthday.
After Eric saw it Friday night, we all decided it was a little heavy to bring the littler brothers to see it.   We were right, it was a good call.   So just Christopher and I went to see it.  We went for the early matinee price and sat in super swanky chairs.  Chris loved the cushy seats.  It made Mommy nuts that every time I moved that my purse would bump the button and my feet went flying.  It got old fast. 
As for the movie, it was good, not as good as I expected, given the hype, but good enough that Chris was ecstatic.  That was all that mattered, that he had a good time.  And he did!

When Chris got home, we finished his cake. 
He had asked for a 'Light Saber cake'.  This was what I came up with, a thin chocolate cake, iced with blue for the light saber blade, and black (grey) for the handle.   Eric build a demo plate out of cardboard and tin foil.   I put the number 11 on it, and it turned out pretty good! 

Time to blow out the candles! 
Can you see where the number 11 is on the light saber? 

Opa got this great shot of Chris actively blowing out his candles. 

Chris got to sit with his best friends: Clark and Emily at the bar using Star Wars placemats.  
We didn't exactly go out planning a great Star Wars party, it just so happened, once you say Light Saber Cake, that's just what developed.   I guess, when it comes to Chris, we can't go wrong with the color blue, or anything Star Wars.  

He couldn't wait to open his presents. 
He is Blessed to have such generous loved ones! 

Ooo!  Star Wars Legos! 

Grandma got him Star Wars Mad Libs.  
They're going to be a big hit too. 

Kristin made Chris the cutest card.  It said, The Rebels Want You!  
Of course, even the Rebels would know what an awesome brave amazing kid Chris is.  
I loved this card, and she made it herself.  

It was Amazing how generous our friends and family were. 
They know Chris so well, there were some nifty new Star Wars themed goodies, that are going to entertain him for a while.  He wanted to dig right in before even getting off the couch. 

Someone likes the new Colts Backpack that Opa and Oma got him! 
This kid could never play poker, his face gives it all away.  

Apparently, after the present opening, while grownups were trying to talk, and Epic Light Saber Battle was taking place in the basement.  <3   

That's kind of as it should be.  
They were noisy, crazy, and playing off all this winter energy.  
Chris had a wonderful time, he had so much fun, he kept chattering long after everyone left about how fun it was.  Granted, it was no Chicken Limo sort of party, but who can ever top that?!  Not me.
But we don't need to.  In just surrounding ourselves with our loved ones, we were completely Blessed to share our joy in celebration over the miracle that happened 11 years ago when Christopher was born.  My life was changed for the better, and he bring joy and smiles to so many, it was a pleasure to share that today.  

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