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Christopher age 10

Christopher age 10

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Christopher Matthew Willman is old.
Christopher was born at 11:12 am on Wednesday, December 21, 2005
at Hendricks County Regional Hospital in Danville, Indiana;
weighing 7 pounds, 7 ounces; and measuring 19 inches.

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Thursday, September 29, 2016

Respect for the Flag

Chris has decided he wants to be an Eagle Scout.  That's going to mean a lot of work when he theoretically joins Boy Scouts next year.  Tuesday evening, I got to join him for a Den Meeting.  We met up with Boy Scout troop 303, meets at the American Legion on the other side of town.  It turns out Brownsburg has 3 troops!  It's dog-eat-dog how they compete for the boys.  The troops are kind of small, about 15 kids, and they do a lot.  This troop told us how they had gone to SeaCamp down in the Florida Keys last summer, and this summer they were headed to the wilderness of Canada.  Wild! It sounds like so much fun for Chris.

The theme for the day was learning about the Flag.   The American Legion accepts donations of flags that need to be retired, as opposed to letting someone just throw them in the trash.  Inside the Legion, I found this poster for how to treat the Flag with Respect.

The kids had a member of the Legion, a former Navy man, come and speak to them about the Flag.  
All things considered, he did a great job holding their attention. 

He asked for Volunteers to come hold the Flag while they discussed what the stars and stripes represent.  The 'kids in blue' won the honor, Christopher and his Best Friend Clark.  

After we discussed the History of the Flag, we went outside, where a small fire pit had been started, and the Webelos paired up with a Boy Scout Partner for the Flag burning Ceremony. 

Wow, there was a lot of variety in the shades of blue of the flags waiting to be burned, these flags had  seriously seen some better days, so it was clearly Time. 

The boys line up and hold their flags.  
Then they walked them over to the fire.  


I was pretty impressed with how well Christopher did as he walked to the fire.   Each Flag before him had added to the flame, so that it was going pretty strong as he approached.  He is usually terrified of fires.  Bravery is doing something even it when it's scary.   Christopher was Very Brave!

Chris had to raise that Flag up pretty high in order to get that second flag up over the fire.  
That one even scared me!  
But he did the job, treated the Flag Respectively, and his only response was to give me a look and a shake to convey he'd had a bad case of the willies.  He did Wonderfully.  I was so Proud of Him.  
I was even more proud, when another couple kids in his Den started being noisy afterwards, but Christopher continued respectful silence, or leaned over for a whisper.   That's hard for him.  He really impressed me.  I don't know if it was being around the other scouts or what, but I was Impressed.   It made me almost can't wait for him to become a full bodied Boy Scout!  I know how excited he is, maybe he can do this Eagle Scout goal.   If anyone can, it's Christopher.  

Saturday, April 30, 2016

The Black Belt Test

OK, I know, this is a huge post.  
As well it should be.  I wish it could reflect how Proud I am of Christopher.  
He rocked his Black Belt Test today.  

Here is the lineup of all the Black Belt Candidates, 20 of them, plus 8 Black Belts going for level 2. 

The Push Up test.  
He was required to do 50 in a row, with good form.  He had great form, and only needed to pause one time, 40 + 10.   Then he got to do 25 situps, 30 leg lifts, 30 squats....

and 100 Jumping Jacks.  
It's official.  My son is Stronger than I am.  

And that was Just the Warmups.  
There was a question/answer section of History.  He had to know not just the History of Karate, but how it came to the US, and all the connections that lead to the formation of the Adamson's school. 
He volunteered to make his own flashcards, and for the last 3 weeks, he'd been reviewing them during his Flush time.  He knew the material, and though he got a little nervous at first, he rocked the questions session.  


Then they got to perform their Katas.  
This is Pinan Shoda.  It's the first kata he learned, but then as a black belt candidate he had to learn it Kicked Up.   Advanced Shodan.  Pretty Awesome. 


His Advanced Pinan Nidan. It's amazing to me that 3 months ago, he had completely forgotten that he'd done this 2 years ago, and couldn't remember.  How far he's come!


Way back in the day, Sam decided when Chris was learning Shodan, and Nidan, that he'd make up his own.  He called it Pinan Sam-dan.  I kept thinking of that, and messing up when I would talk to him about this kata - Pinan Sandan.  San-dan, not Sam-dan.  ;) 


I would often tease Christopher about this kata too - Pinan Yandan.  I would make like I was tired, and yawn, Pinan Yawndan.  I teased him about how he had this one so down pat, he didn't even need to worry.  He knocked this one out too.  


This is probably my favorite of the pinans.  It's Pinan Godan.  And it's my favorite.  
Chris really looks the part of a badass on this one.  His moves are slow,  intentional, but then Bam! 

Tuff Stuff.   He's almost done with Pinan Godan.  It was a little awkward for me to record and video at the same time.  


This is Shihan's favorite, Basadai.   I love this one too.  It's different from the pinans, because the hits are aimed a little closer to home.   And harder.  It's a lot longer too.  My favorite part is when he stops, takes a deep calming breath, then looks both ways.... before he kicks 2 guys' asses on either side!  Love it!


This one was his downfall for a long time.  6 empty hand katas were tough, but then they switched it up a couple weeks ago.  For months, he'd been training with rubber nunchuks.  I used to pronounce them "numchuks" and I've been making him laugh for a while goofing it up on purpose.  But when they switched to the wooden ones, that hurt.  They were serious.  They hurt more when he hits himself.  It took him a while to find the groove.  And Mommy wasn't allowed to call them numchuks anymore.    

Empi sho Nunchuku
This is my favorite picture from the day.  
It really gives an insight into how tough and strong, and focused he has become to acheive this goal. 

He took a quick break before the Defense, so he came over to me.  At the same time, I checked my phone and there was a message from Aunt Amy, who walked into the dojo at the same time I was going to respond to her message that she was coming.  She'd gotten to see him rock out his Nunchuk kata, and she brought a present from Kaylee.  He called them paper shiruken, or chinese throwing stars.  I guess that's what they are.  He was quite thrilled with them.   

Most of the hard stuff was done, but then it was time for the Defenses, where they have to take down people.   It was his hardest thing, and the last thing that he greened up this week.  The first Defense was Line Defense, where they all line up and attack, and Chris has to throw them down to the ground.  

Downtown Julie Brown!  
My kids don't know who she is/was, but they hear me say it, and they think it's something tough.  
Not as tough as Christopher! 


It's a little hard to see him fend off the kids with foam clubs.  
But the trick seems to be to get up close to the swinging arm and take it out at the shoulder.  
Chris got Quite Good at that, even up to the this past week, we weren't sure.  But once he found the sweet spot, he could take them down.  

Time for Club Defense.  
Being a good Attacker for his teammates is just as important as being able to Defend.  
 Attacking is his favorite part.    This boy was Ready.  

3 Man Defense was his downfall.  It's very disconcerting to see 3 bigger kids coming at you, and they were all, always bigger.  He was the smallest one testing.  The key was to pick them off one at a time.  For this Test, Shihan had him fending off 2 people.  It took him a bit to find that, but as you can see, he could smack them down when he wanted.    It would've been so much easier to give up, when he couldn't get that leverage, or when the kid wouldn't go down if Chris hadn't gotten him just so.  But Chris kept hammering away, using legs, arms, neck, whatever he had to get them down.  My kid rocks.  I feel so safe now with him.  

After he came to the back of the line.  He knew.  He knew he had done it.   If Shihan was quiet, if he wasn't complaining, then it was Done.  

He didn't stop making this face for about 2 hours.   I love it. 
He Earned that Black Belt, and we all know how strong he is, but now he had the official belt to prove it to everyone who can see.  

After the last Defense, Daddy and the boys crept up to the entrance where Chris could see them get their belts changed.   

The newest Black Belts!  

Hangin' Tough!   

Sensei Jordan ties on Christopher's new Black Belt.  

And with the bow, it's official.  

I am so Proud of this boy!  
And he is so well supported by all the staff at Adamson's. 

The whole new line of Black Belts!  
Ours is the shortest one on the left.  

 To Celebrate their triumph, our dojo went out with Sensei Jordan and the parents to El Rodeo. 
What's really most important about that, was that Mommy got her Margarita.  I'd been saying for weeks that this thing had been so stressful, it was gonna drive me to drink.  Well, I got to!  

 They were so cute.  This was the most fun I'd seen the kids have together in a while.  They've been working so hard, it took a few minutes for them to turn it off.  But coming through this experience together has bound them.   Even if they didn't get along before, they did now.  And the siblings even got along swimmingly.  Their laughter was so loud.   It was a beautiful thing to behold.  They earned this.  I'm so Proud of all of them. I couldn't stop saying Congratulations to every kid I saw.  These kids are Tough!

I had forgotten to get a picture of just Chris in his Black Belt, or of him and us at the dojo.   
It was 7 by the time they were done, and we were all hungry.  

So Sam took this photo for us when we got home.  

After Chris got his PJs on, we gave him his presents.  
First, Aunt Teri had gotten him a t-shirt.  Soft shirts are his favorite!  
This one says Adamson's Karate on the front, and then on the back has Japanese writing. 
It says, "Karate Do (doe, not do, which means the style), The Way" though I always add a "W'Smack!"for fist emphasis.  Yes, Karate is his way! 

From us, Christopher received a pair of Kama.  
I hear tell Black Belts have the option to learn a Kama Kata.  

He looks pretty awesome with them.  
He stores them in his karate gear bag, in the box, so there is very little chance that some smaller brother would get a hold of these vicious weapons.   

Those these bare hands are pretty fierce weapons enough. 
And tonight it was made official.  
And he was Ready to go to bed, Black Belt and All.  
He makes me smile in his "Hiya" pajamas.   Karate to the Core. 

I am the Proudest Mommy there ever was.   Way to go Christopher!   You Rock!  

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Oliver's Travels Book Report

Oliver’s Travels Book Report
By Christopher Willman

           The adventurous fiction book Oliver‘s Travels written by Cynthia Furlong Reynolds, was about two mice cousins named Oliver and Indiana Catsdorf  who had an amazing  journey though out Indiana. Several places in Indiana they traveled to were the Indy 500 and the Indiana Dunes. They also met the state bird. The main characters were cousins Oliver and Indy Catsdorf. The part of Oliver’s Travels I liked best was when Oliver and Indy met the state bird. Oliver’s Travels was about two mice on an adventure in Indiana.
The story took place all over Indiana, in places like Indy 500, the Indiana Dunes. They also met the state bird. At the Indy 500 Oliver jumped into a driver’s helmet and helped him win the race by whispering encouragement and directions. The dunes are where Oliver and Indy slide down Mount Baldy and saw 2 snakes fighting. Another place Indy and Oliver traveled to was Santa Claus, Indiana where they stayed at Santa’s house.  They also met the state bird. At one point as they were walking, an eagle swooped down and grabbed them.  They got free, and fell, and the cardinal flew in and rescued them.  These are just a few of the many places Indy and Oliver traveled to.
The main characters were Oliver and Indy. Oliver was responsible, had perseverance, and was polite. Oliver showed he was responsible when he packed his supplies and carried the lost Catsdorf map, Oliver persevered when he encouraged the race car driver and a football player and when some red foxes and the 2 snakes, and when they met Sabrina Squirrel, he had good manners. Indy was generous, funny, and encouraging. Helpful describes Indy when he showed Oliver the map and when he blew a whistle to save them from the eagle. Humorous describes Indy when he told jokes to Oliver and Sabrina. He also did silly things along the trail, like singing silly songs. Encouraging describes Indy when he told Oliver to get into the football player’s helmet. Oliver and Indy were the main characters.
When Oliver and Indy met the state bird was my favorite part of Oliver’s Travels. I liked this part because the state bird is a cardinal, and I like cardinals. Also the cardinal offers a ride to were Oliver and Indy are going next. This tells me that the cardinal is as polite as Oliver. Finally, the cardinal speaks like a pilot. These are the reasons why I liked the part when they met the state bird.

Oliver’s Travels was a crazy story about two mice cousins who went to lots of places in Indiana. They traveled to the Indy 500, the Indiana dunes. They also met the state bird, the cardinal. Oliver and Indy were the main characters of Oliver’s Travels.   Meting the state bird was my favorite part. Oliver’s Travels made me want to go to lots of other places in Indiana.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

The Clown Coaster

      "Mom! Lets get in line for the Clown!"My mom said "You got it!"We ran like cheetahs and took place in line behind a family of five. I stood with my back against the height chart to make sure I was tall enoph. I made it by an inch! My nerves were going Wild! Butterflies flew around in my stomach. The waiting was very long. I breathed in and out of my lungs as I started to sweat. Mom was talking to another family. Their mom said their names were Suzy {the mom},Carter {the dad},Ryan {the oldest son},Sophia {the dautghter},and Jo {the youngest son}.  They were all nervous.  We calmed ourselves down by saying "This will be fun!"  I could here the screams from the rollercoaster.  Soon it would be our turn to scream.

The meatal gates slowly opened, inviting me to scream.   Feeling unconcouis, I softly stepped into the first car.  I sat quickly next to my scared mom.  I pulled the seat bealt down and secured me and my Mom.  The bar felt as cold as an iceberg.  The scary teenagers checked our Seat bealt and gave the oprator a thumbs up.  So did the oprater.  She started the roller coaster.  

As we pulled away from the staition, we could see a mysterios curve ahead.  We started up the steep hill, lurche forward, and heard the "click, click, click" of the chains on the tracks.  We both put our hands and arms in the air.  Our sweaty heads got sweatyer.  We got steeper and steeper.  "Click, click clock" of the chains.  The hill seemed to go on forever.   Suddenly the cars stopped.   We were now leaning over the egge of the lead car faceing straight down into darkness.  "Zoom!"  "Whoosh!"  The fastes coaster in the galexy roaed down.

We went fast as a cheetah.  Up, down, side to side.  Mom and I kept our arms and hands in the air, yelling, "Aahhhhhhhh!"  "This is epic!" I said.  Finally, the coaster pulled into the staition.

The bar went up on it's own power.  Mom and I stepped on the platform on wobbley legs.  Mom said, "Did yo like it?"  she said as we headed twarwerd the exit. "Like? I loved it!"!  "Glad you did, want to do it again?"  Mom said.  "You got it!" I said.

Saturday, August 8, 2015

This boy looks good in Red!

Chris made Belt Promotion from 3rd degree Brown Belt to Red.  Now it's the last set of belts before he's on his way to Black.  He can now move up to a group called Shodan Ho, in preparation for the big push to Black.  Shihan was telling us how the process will change our kids, for the better, increase their confidence, and maturity, like nothing else.

I'm already noticing a difference. In the past, Chris could never sit still without sticking something in his mouth or messing with the kids next to him.  But as he has been progressing through these belts, he's been getting more and more focused on learning, and less on playing around.   I can't wait to see what the coming months bring.  

He demonstrated his Kata, Pinan Sandan for the Shihan and staff Senseis.   
I love this pose.  

I didn't quite get the kick pick I was going for, but he's still looking tough.  
He didn't level up though.  He's still level 2.  

Shihan tied on Chris's new red belt!  
Shihan is Doug Adamson himself, of Adamson's Karate.  He's really nice, tough, but nice. 

Sir, yes sir.  
I love how they show quiet respect for their leaders.  And it's been helping Chris to respect his other teachers too, not so much me yet, but his teachers.  

This face.  
This is the face of a proud boy.  As well he should be.  He's worked very hard!  

Moving up in the world!   

What a nice size class! 

When we got home, he showed Daddy his new belt and some of his moves.  

Take that! 

Thursday, July 30, 2015


The boys don't like bedtime.  Actually, I guess I should say they do.  They like to be crazy at bedtime.  Something about the process of getting their pajamas on, makes them lose their minds.  And when one mind is lost, all is lost.  So often, Eric and I will get them ready for bed, and end the evenings screaming.  Mostly Eric, because bedtime has been quality story time.  They've been reading Charlotte's Web all summer.  Now that's done, and Geronimo Stilton is next, and now school has begun.  School nights seem to wind them up even more.

This evening, as Daddy was trying to get them all into their pajamas, no one was listening.  As he turned his back on the big boys to pajamify Jacob, the big ones start playing.  Eric comes into the room, and is getting frustrated, because Christopher and Sam are playing in the hall instead of getting ready for bed in their room.  They sleep in Chris's room.  Eric sees Christopher pull a squirtgun from the waistband of his pants, and starts to shoot at Sam.  Eric yells, "Put that away!  Get that out of your pants!"  As he's yelling, he notices Christopher's entire waistband is stuffed with toys.  Eric orders, "Take all of that stuff out of your pants!"   Out comes the squirtgun, a minion, one of Sam's Octonaut Gups, even a Star Wars guy.  Eric, exasperated yells, "What in the world are you doing with all those toys in your pants?!"
Christopher, eager to defend himself,  "I just wanted to be Prepared!"
Eric yells, "Prepared for what - Crazypocalypse?!"
At that, the boys dissolve into hysterical laughter, which is usually a bad choice when we're already screaming, but even Eric had to laugh, because it all sounded so insanely funny.

Friday, April 24, 2015

Moving on up

Mommy is normally the one who gets to go to the Belt Promotions.  
But this time, Mommy wasn't home.  So all the Boyz got to go to Chris's belt promotion. 

Christopher got promoted to 2nd Degree Brown Belt. 
He had just moved up a level from Advanced Shodan.  And Shihan bumped him up a level too.  
Then this week, he graduated Advanced Shodan, and learned a new Kata, and moved up to Level 1 all on the same historic day.  Very impressive.  I am very proud of him! 

Look at his class, and all their pretty new belts. 

And they bow out.  Well Done! 
Even the little boys did well, with a screen, as Daddy could just pop in real quick for pictures.
I'm proud of all of them.  

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